Halloween More Then Just Candy

OCT 2020 Halloween



Getting ready for a spooky night but don’t know what to bring along for the perfect bootastic smoking setup?

Here are five essential things that will help you make the most of your spooktacular Halloween this year .




1. Pair a Costume with a Themed Pipe and Accessories


We all want to knock it out of the park when the attention is on the outfit and costumes it’s crucial that your smoking accessories not bring down the look. It’s awesome when a piece also fits in with your costume or even perfectly rounds it out: you’ll never complete that ‘30s flapper look without a Cigarette bat or a long glass tip for a pre-roll, for instance.

For those who are doing military-themed attire for Halloween, consider bringing along Empire Glassworks RPG - Themed Chillum .The hand-blown American glass would make a solid addition to a soldier costume, especially coupled with RYOT’S DESTROYER CASE .

Though a chillum doesn’t necessarily need a case, the olive green container looks just like an ammunition box, making it a great place to keep supplies along with your stash. Destruction-happy dabbers might also consider Empire Glassworks’ RPG - Gun Dish & Dabber Set for a similarly themed dab tool and stand (perfect if you’re the host of the party).

Space cadets will appreciate Nucleus Ray Gun Bong ,intricate glass pipe that is sure to impress both visually and when in use. The glass tubing pairs with a deep bowl, meaning that it’s going to pack quite a punch on every hit (be sure to warn your friends). Those who prefer pairing their costume with concentrates should bring along Empire Glassworks’ Illuminati Ray Gun Dabber in their pocket too.




2. Bring Along a Spooky Stash Box


Since Halloween is a busy night, it’s important to have a good stash box on hand whether you’re hosting a party or just attending one.

If you’re trying to keep your herb by your side, the 4” Wooden Dugout Box with Bat is a low-key, timeless wooden design and a good way to not detract from whatever costume you’re wearing. Though compact, it has space for taster bats under 3 inches—an easy way to keep your chillum under the radar if it doesn’t match your costume or you just want your goods out of the way.

The Key Chain Stash Jar is another unobtrusive container option, although it does require you keeping track of your keys all night (which, frankly, you shouldn’t be using on Halloween anyway).

If you’re looking for an attention-grabbing container that’s also a compact grinder, The Medtainer comes in a big spread of colors that can coordinate with basically any Halloween costume you could come up with.




3. Build a Costume Around a Silly Dab Tool...


Sometimes it’s easiest to work backwards when you’re trying to come up with a Halloween look. Luckily there’s a range of silly dab tools available that can spark a costume idea on their own inventive merit.

Empire Glassworks’ Dragon Master Dish and Dabber Set is the perfect pairing to a wizard outfit, and doubles afterwards as a pretty good-looking, practical dab toolset.Empire Glassworks has a lot of different dabber designs that you could pair with any range of costumes: the Pickaxe Dabber the Genie Lamp Dabber a Lollipop Dabber and even the Mini Sushi Narwhal Dabber ok, not exactly sure what costume that one would fit).




4. ...Or Opt for Tools so Discreet that No One will Notice what You’re Carrying


If you’re not looking to get creative, Skilletools


has a range of mini chained gold and silver dab tools that would make downright classy accents to just about any costume while also being subtle enough to not attract unwanted attention.




5. Consider just Being Vaguely Spooky


You might be the kind of person who generally finds themselves unprepared (or uninspired) when it comes to Halloween. If that’s the case and you just want to keep things simple, you can always just opt for generically spooky smoking accessories to easily quiet people wielding the “where’s your costume?” question.

Mushroom Milli Thick Glass Sherlock Pipe comes in two creepy color options: deep red and a pale, ghostly green. Either one is just vaguely Halloween-y enough to totally make up for the fact that you came to the party in a t-shirt. Even more subtle spooky options include a range of natural stone pipes , which give off that eerie cult vibe without requiring you to dress up in robes. Just pack it along with some hemp wick a pipe case and you’re ready to roll out the door with minimal effort and a minimally explainable costume. 

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